Arch2Arc finally completed!

In case you haven’t heard, Derek and Barry managed to complete their Arch2Arc challenge! We were delighted to be involved as a sponsor, and supported the boys every step of the way. It was a roaring success, raising over £60,000 for some amazing charities and inspiring people across the country to have a go at replicating the challenge themselves. Continue reading

100 Homes Between June and August

It’s been a brilliant year for AFG Scotland, and we’ve been working harder than ever to keep up with the demand for our services. This hard work is reflected in the amount of homes that we’ve completed flooring in – 100 between the months of June and August! If maths isn’t your strong point, that works out to more than one house per day – a fantastic effort by our team. Continue reading

Announcing our new website!

Since AFG Scotland was established in 2005, we’ve managed to establish ourselves as leaders in the UK contract flooring industry. But despite our success, our online presence has always been slightly lacking. We wanted a website that reflected the growth of our business over the last 10 years, so we decided to finally embrace the 21st century and get a brand new website!

Continue reading